Sensimetrics’ Model S14 and S15 Insert Earphones are used by neuroscientists to deliver acoustic stimuli to the ears of subjects undergoing fMRI imaging. The S14 and S15 insert earphones offer the advantages over other sound delivery systems of providing a wide-range frequency response and high output levels, with attenuation of scanner noise by the insert plug. Replaceable Comply(TM) Canal Tips ensure sanitary conditions. Frequency response equalization is achieved by pre-filtering stored digital stimuli. Equalization filters are provided and can be used either within Matlab or with a stand-alone filtering program (provided).

The S14 and S15 models differ in the scanner strength in which they can be used. The S14 has been in use by scientists using 3T scanners. The S15, introduced 2017, has been designed for and tested in 7T and 9T scanners. Although some components are common to both models, others are not.

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S14 Insert Earphones (for 3T)—————S15 Insert Earphones (for 3T, 7T, 9T)